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Hello, and welcome! Long ago, there was a young kid named Dave who learned to program because he wanted to make a video game. Well, time passed and that kid became an adult somewhere along the way, but this game company is the result of that dream. We are a very small company (our employee directory is... uh... just me), based out of Wisconsin.

If you are here, you are probably looking for Carnal Chemistry, an adult text-based game. It can be played in your browser using the link below!

Please note that this is an 18+ game, containing adults doing adult things and using adult language (often at the same time!)

This game is completely free, made purely as a hobby. If you enjoy the game, feel free to give me a shoutout or to spread the word! And if you happen to bump into me at a convention, a high-five is always appreciated. :-)

Server Status

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Carnal Chemistry is currently going through some changes, which may eventually include a name change. It had started off as a text-based MMORPG. The problem was that, while I knew the limitations of what I could do as a solo programmer, I hadn't fully grasped the limits of what I could do as a solo writer, moderator, etc. I ended up making promises about content creation that I kept not being able to deliver on, which started to really make the game lose momentum.

Because of that, it has now been scaled back to something one person could reasonably expect to make content for. It is now a single-player game, but one that I will be continuing to add content to for the foreseeable future!

Also, the main page here will be getting more active, with things like polls and updates about the game. I would like to transition more toward this page being the main source of news about the game, rather than Facebook.

Development Roadmap

Next Release: 9/3/2022 at 11:00 PM, Central Time

The upcoming release is the first one with the new concept. While there won't be much to do yet (think of this next release as a shakedown for the new system), basically the entire backend has changed. Unlike the previous version, where every time I thought I had fixed the last bug a new one would come up, there aren't nearly as many moving parts now. I'll be the first to admit, I massively overengineered things previously.

Because there are so few moving parts, outages should be a thing of the past (unless my Internet goes down, the server catches fire, etc.) That should be welcome news for a lot of us, myself included! :-)

There are two pieces that still need to be done and tested before Saturday's update. The first is the server status page, since it will need to work completely differently now. And the second is something special the interface will be getting. The "Look" button is getting replaced by two panels on the screen that always show your own appearance and that of your partner (no spoilers - play the game and see!) No more tired index finger from clicking that pesky button - it's just a glance to your left! ;-)

In general, the plan for writing is sort of a "width-first" approach. The game takes place as a series of days. In general, I will be writing a dialog tree for day 1 (with plenty of options and things to do), then going to day 2 and continuing, etc. If you are playing and catch up to what has been currently written, each update will extend the game a bit further. (You won't need to start over - after an update, log into your character and you'll have option buttons where you had hit a dead end before!)

This is a place for any fan-art, fan-fiction, or other fan creations! If you have created something and would like it shown here, send it to contact@magicfoxgames.com! Please be sure to include who you would like it attributed to (your name, an online handle, or anonymous are all okay), as well as a website or social media page if you would like a link posted!

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